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Protopia is the next Triennal to be held in the summer of 2020

Triennal is an exhibition event held every three years in the south of Sweden. Previous shows included 30 or more artists from the Nordic countries, the Americas and Europe. The exhibition features installations, performances and events. Initially situated in a small village, the work is contextual, that is, it responds to and is made for its location in the landscape. 

Kulturföreningen Triennal is an organization of artists that has organized two previous exhibitions in southern Sweden with artists from Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.

Triennal är en konstutställning som hålls vart tredje år i Skåne. Tidigare utställningar har inkluderat mer än 30 konstnärer från Norden, USA, och Europa. Utställningen inbegriper installationer, performanceföreställningar och event. Triennal började i en liten by, och med sitt kontextuella koncept, svarar projekten på, och anpassas för den plats i landskapet utställningen befinner sig på.

Kulturföreningen Triennal består av en grupp konstnärer från Sverige och USA som har organiserat två tidigare utställningar i södra Sverige med konstnärer från Skandinavien, Europa och USA.



Shadow & Light (2010)included artworks that were projections, slides, ice, shadowscapes, electronics, light drawings, film-patterns — weaving the structure of a beautiful old mill into a light diorama of spaces. The exhibition framed the artworks as a process of evolving and layering meanings over time to create a connection to a place.


For Instrument (2013) the building was a gigantic instrument, thick with dust from decades of grinding seeds, gravity-fed, its location an artery to the surrounding countryside. The Mill operated as the charismatic actor that overshadows all that plays inside. Artists created instruments that responded to the setting, as agency, as a dupe, as implement, as a recording, measuring or controlling device, as a music machine.


Agrikultura (2017) saw the Triennial move to an open field in Hyllie.  Agrikultura was an exhibition of public artworks, installations, meals,  performances, urban interventions, and events that took place  outdoors. Together, we re-imagined our cities: artists, farmers, and  citizens worked together to develop new ideas and answers to food  security. Our vision was to create a unique experience, that was at once beautiful, and that engaged our audiences in meaningful ways to think about practical roles we might play in imagining the future of our food systems, in expansive, sustainable, and delightful ways.


Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen
Sound Artist

Jytte Jonna Hansen

Johanna Kindvall

Rendel Ibing
Graphic Designer

Amanda McDonald Crowley

Marek Walczak


Kulturföreningen Triennal
℅ Jytte Jonna Hansen
Östergatan 13
275 75 Lövestad


Tel: +46 41721797